Full Face Essential Makeup Brush Set


Full Face Essential Makeup Brush Set features a set of 6 vegan makeup brushes curated to include all the essential brushes needed to create a full face look. The set also includes Ipsy fan favorites A Perfect 10 large powder brush and Pigment Packer small shader eye brush! These brushes were recently included in Glam Bags and Glam Bag Plus. Store your favorite makeup essentials and take them with you on the go with the included blush vegan leather bag with rose gold hardware.


A Perfect 10: Apply, blend, and buff loose, pressed, foundations or powders.
Beauty and the Base: Apply, blend, and buff liquid or cream foundations.
Conceal Your Secret: Apply, blend, and buff concealers.
Seamless Sheer Blend: Apply, blend, and diffuse eyeshadows.
Brow Chicka Wow: Shape and/or define brows and lashes.
Pigment Packer: Apply, build, and press eyeshadows.
Every MOTD Cosmetics makeup brush features usage instructions stamped on the handle.
All MOTD brushes are certified PETA cruelty free and vegan.
MOTD Cosmetics uses innovative bristles that are safe for all skin types, soft, applies and blends beautifully compared to brushes that are made from animal hair.

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