Beginner Makeup Brush Guide 8 Brushes You Need 2021

Which makeup brushes are for beginners? How many brushes do I need? Types of makeup brushes and their uses? I'm clearing out the confusion and making it easy for you to know which beginner makeup brush set is all that you need. 

Beginner Makeup Brush Guide

When I first started MOTD Cosmetics I launched with 8 everyday essential makeup brushes that I know you'll need. Working in retail and freelancing as a makeup artist, we have our go-to tools and this set was curated from the brushes I would pull out from my brush belt often to create makeup looks on my clients. 


Here's 8 Everyday Essential Makeup Brushes For A Full Face Look.

  1. Powder Brush: Apply your loose or pressed makeup.
  2. Foundation Brush: Apply your liquid makeup.
  3. Contour and Highlight Brush: Created for ease of applying liquids, creams, and powders.
  4. Concealer Brush: Apply a variety of corrective formulas.
  5. Angled Blush Brush: Apply a variety of blushes and bronzers.
  6. Eyeliner / Brow Brush: Apply cream, gel, powder, or liquid eyeliner.
  7. Crease Defining Brush: Apply, define, and blend eyeshadows.
  8. Small Shader Blending Brush: Apply, define, and blend eyeshadows.

 If you're looking for a beginner friendly makeup brush set, my expert opinion is this is the set you need. However, I do carry other beginner friendly sets depending on your routine. For those that want more emphasis on eyes take a look at this set call Full Face Essentials or Dare to Begin Face and Eye Brush Set!


MOTD Cosmetics makeup brushes are vegan, cruelty free, soft, suitable for all skin types, easy to clean, and can be used with all makeup formulas.


Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

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