Keep Plushing Eye Brush Set


Keep Plushing 7 pc Eye Brush Set features all our our newest eye brushes you need to apply, pack, blend and smudge your eye looks. These blush and monochromatic metallic detail brushes are gorgeous, soft and make a great essential addition to your makeup application. $82 Value


Tapered Contour Crease: Designed to apply, blend and diffuse your eyeshadows. This densely packed, tapered and domed blending eye brush is great for building color in the crease and blending out any harsh lines. 

Smoky Detailer: Designed to apply, blend, smudge and provide definition to your eye looks, This angled detailing eye brush is perfect for smudging eyeshadow in the crease and lower lash line with high color payoff. 

Standout Sweep: Designed to apply, blend and diffuse your eyeshadows. This wide tapered brush head is ideal to seep eyeshadow all over the lid, laying down pigment and blending your eyeshadow base. 

Miss Shady lady: Designed to apply, define and blend your favorite eyeshadows. The brush head features a slight tapered dome shaped head that is ideal for creating effortless eye makeup looks. 

Come Through Contour: Designed to apply, blend and diffuse your favorite eyeshadows. This eye brush is perfect for shaping, smudging and blending out pigments with a focus on the outer v of the eyes. 

Flawless Finish Blend: Designed to apply, blend, and diffuse your favorite eyeshadows. Flawless Finish Blend bristles feature a perfect balance of softness and flexible long bristles. The blending eye brush is ideal to use for achieving a soft, smoky, or glam eye makeup look.
Lay Down Looks: Designed to apply, build, pack on your favorite eyeshadows onto the lids. Lay Down Looks bristles are the perfect pair between softness and flexibility. The slight tapered shape of the brush head effortlessly applies and presses eyeshadow pigments, achieving an evenly pigmented makeup look.
Every MOTD Cosmetics makeup brush features usage instructions stamped on the handle.
All MOTD brushes are certified PETA cruelty free and vegan.
MOTD Cosmetics uses innovative bristles that are safe for all skin types, soft, applies and blends beautifully compared to brushes that are made from animal hair.

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