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The Live Full Collection is all about doing just that and you’ve got to have your lashes to match! The Pose Eyelash style is double 3D stacked with soft fluffy fibers that feather out. The criss cross wispy design also features tapered ends for a natural look. You are now runway ready so go on and strike your best pose.



Soft as silk and lashes made to last, our handcrafted collection is designed to give you instant eye lifting looks to full and beautiful volume. The lightweight cotton flex band allows for long wear comfort and our stunning multi-layered design gives you ultimate control on the types of makeup looks you want to achieve in each reusable set.

Our guilt free vegan lashes are made from synthetic material giving you gorgeous results without the need for mink fur

Every MOTD Cosmetics makeup brush features usage instructions stamped on the handle.
All MOTD brushes are certified PETA cruelty free and vegan.
MOTD Cosmetics uses innovative bristles that are safe for all skin types, soft, applies and blends beautifully compared to brushes that are made from animal hair.

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