Feeling Good from the Inside Out

What you put on your body matters as much as what you put in your body

It’s no secret that at M.O.T.D we’re big on compassion, cruelty-free products, and doing what’s good for the environment.
An amazing benefit of this more conscientious lifestyle is that the products you’ll start using often happen to be good for you, too!
It’s far from a trite truth that:
What you put on your body matters as much as what you put in your body. Even what you put on your skin (your largest organ!) gets absorbed into your body within about 26 seconds. So it’s not only important to start with what you use to put makeup on your face (hello, M.O.T.D brushes!), but also to be aware of the ingredients in the products you’re using, and of course--the foods you’re putting in your mouth! Below we’re sharing some of our favorite vegan beauty brands, healthy eats, and nutritious supplements because beauty really does radiate from the inside out--which starts with living well and feeling good. Cruelty Free and Vegan Beauty Brands Thankfully modern makeup has come a really long way in the cruelty-free, plant-based department, without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. It’s not an easy task but it can be done! There’s no sense in using animal-derived ingredients or testing on our beloved furry friends, when well, we could just not!? That being said, some of our favorite vegan and all-natural beauty brands are: Hourglass, Kat Von D Beauty, Trufora, and just about anything from Whole Foods. Healthy Eats Starting your day with a nutrient-packed breakfast is far from a novel concept, but it really one of the best things you can do for your health! We love a good acai bowl, green smoothie, a veggie scramble made with organic cage-free eggs (if you don’t eat totally vegan!), or mixing it up with some avocado or nut-butter toast.. Whether you’re a coffee or tea person, you can make both work by choosing brands that align with your values and flavors that jazz with your taste buds.
attribution free image via Sambazon on unsplash.com Another amazing coffee alternative that still packs a punch is Matcha. Known for its gorgeous, vibrant green color, it’s a ground, concentrated form of green tea with a wealth of antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals, boost energy and metabolism, and it actually tastes ahhh-mazing. Look for unsweetened varieties and then you can always lightly sweeten on your own, if desired. Lunch is a great opportunity to pack up some leftovers from the night before, or grab a soup & salad combo from your favorite nearby cafe. If you opted against smoothies or a vegan protein shake in the morning, those can obviously make a great mini-meal when you’re on-the-go, too!
Keep your hangry-ness in check by snacking on figure-friendly foods like hummus and veggies, natural protein bars like a vegan Perfect Bar, or a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit.
Dinner doesn’t have to be complicated. Choose a protein, seasonal veggies, and a healthy starch like quinoa, sweet potato, or brown rice. Grill, bake, steam or saute with your favorite seasonings, and voilà - you’re a chef!
Eat clean and simple like this as often as you possibly can, eliminating nutritional zeros (soda, candy, alcohol...you know the drill) and feeling good will simply be a daily state of being for you. Give yourself some grace when you slip-up or spend the weekend over-indulging - life happens, and life goes on.
Vitamins & Supplements
A lot of us are deficient in various vitamins and minerals and have no idea! With so many of us working inside at a desk all day, Vitamin D can be a common culprit. A deficiency in it can even contribute to bloating and poor digestion (no, thank you!).
Whether you find a multi you love or choose to get inpidual supplements, it’s good to know what you are or aren’t lacking in. Even a simple fix like added B vitamins can give you that extra energy you’ve been longing for!
Other all-the-rage powders, liquids & pills are things like collagen peptides, probiotics, kombucha, fiber, superfood powders like maca, magnesium, and even greens like blue-green algae and chlorophyll.
The good news is, there’s such an abundance of plant-based nutrition out there in just about all the forms one could possibly desire!
Gratitude & The Little Things
When all else fails, it really is the little things. Research studies show the happiest people are often the most grateful and the ones who learn to find joy and appreciation in the smallest of things around them.
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When we’re constantly rushing, stressing, striving, and scrolling it’s almost impossible to feel that innate state of peace and vitality. So, really, stopping and smelling the roses isn’t all that cliché either!
Whether you take up meditation, yoga, praying, running, journaling, book club - whatever it may be, find time for the activities that make you feel connected to yourself and the great big world around you.
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Surround yourself with positive people who both encourage and challenge your beliefs and never stop believing you have what it takes to live the life of your dreams. ‘Success’ looks different for all of us.

Do you & stay in tune with the cruelty-free lifestyle behaviors that allow you to look and feel your best from the inside out!

Shine on, boss babes!

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