3 Concealer Hacks To Step-Up Your Makeup Game

Everyone has secrets to hide, including secrets on your face. Want to learn more about our quick concealer hacks? Read on! Using M.O.T.D Cosmetics 'Conceal Your Secret' cruelty-free, vegan makeup brush, you can buff and blend away imperfections with concealer. Concealer is a game changer because not only can you cover and camouflage skin redness, blemishes, dark circles, and age spots but you can find other uses for it with your makeup routine! We're covering 3 quick and pretty effecient concealer hacks that'll change up your routine for the better.

3 concealer hacks for your makeup routine:

1. Use it as an eyeshadow primer.

No primer? No problem! If you ran out of eyeshadow primer or forgot to pack it in your makeup bag, you can use a dab of concealer to prime your eyelids.

2. Show nude lipsticks.

If you plan on wearing a nude or light color lipstick, apply concealer on top of your lips to wash out your natural lip color then apply your lipstick on top to have the lipstick color appear better.

3. Clean up & sharpen.

Use concealer to fix mistakes & sharpen your makeup. You can clean the lip line of your lipstick or sharpen your eyeliner wing. It’ll make your makeup pop! If you try any of these concealer hacks, be sure to tag @motd_cosmetics & hashtag #motdcosmetics in your makeup looks! You can be featured on our social media channels! Happy concealing!