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So you’ve invested in a beautiful set of M.O.T.D Cosmetics brushes (YAY, you!). Their bristles are fresh and clean, they feel soft and fluffy, and well –hello, you want to keep them that way!
As you should!
Knowing how and when to clean one’s makeup brushes is a question we get asked often, and we’re happy to be shed some light on the topic.
Applying your makeup each day should be fun and something that makes you feel all the more beautiful, not something that makes you think about cleanliness. Implement the following tips, and you won’t have to!
For starters, check out this little video that helps illustrate what we’re going to be talking about.

How to Clean Your Brushes

Always make sure to use a gentle soap. 
The are some great all-natural brush cleaners on the market, but you don’t necessarily need to have one of those! A nice, gentle soap (bar or pump form) works great! We prefer foamy washes to thick, gel-like ones. They seem to help better lift the makeup and are lighter on the taklon fibers.
Brushes should always be pointing downwards, toward the sink, in warm running water.
Warm water helps break up compounds in the makeup that might make it want to stick to the brushes. No need to be blistering hot – that won’t be good for the bristles or your poor hands! Taklon brushes are considered to be hypoallergenic and antibacterial since they are a non-porous fiber, unlike animal fur (#winning).
Pointing them down ensures the residual makeup runs straight down the drain and not further into the brush.
Never soak your brushes – it’ll loosen the ferrule. 
What’s a ferrule? Hint: It’s a fancy word for the metal part of the brush that attaches to the bristles and handle to keep everything stuck together!
After washing, give the bristles a light pinch to rid excess water, reshape them, and lay flat to dry.
We like to lay ours out on a clear countertop hanging over the sink, or placed neatly on a clean washcloth to catch any excess moisture.

When to Clean Your Brushes

Ok, so now that you know what to do, how often should you do it? Most beauty experts would agree that roughly 1x/month (with regular use) is a fair rule of thumb! If you’re sharing your brushes (i.e: applying makeup for a friend or a client), or you apply makeup more than once a day, you might want to up the frequency of that recommendation!
This is really up to you and your preferences! Your brushes are a quality investment and you certainly want them to last. Get in the habit by setting a monthly reminder on your phone, leave a note for yourself somewhere in your bathroom, or pick a reoccurring day that you spend some time beautifying your beauty products (wink)!


Your brushes and your skin will thank you.


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