About Chantal

Chantal Azamian MOTD Cosmetics, OwnerChantal Azamian, Owner

Having grown up with a passion for makeup, Chantal Azamian was inspired to pursue a career in the beauty industry. The desire to learn more and more about makeup pushed her to enroll in cosmetology school in 2007 to earn a license in Esthetics. By the age of 20, Chantal was working for well-known brands including Estee Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry Cosmetics, and more.

While working at renowned cosmetic brands, Chantal developed an approach to not only apply makeup but to educate the person sitting in her chair as well. She felt that it was important for her clients to understand how to achieve beautiful skin and how to perfect a flawless makeup application on their own.

Chantal’s growing love for the beauty industry helped her form the vision of creating her own makeup brush line. The marketing classes she enrolled in while studying at the University of Phoenix instilled enough confidence in Chantal to try and make her vision come true. In September 2014, Chantal launched a 30-day campaign and with the help of friends, family, and strangers who fell in love with her idea she was able to meet her goal!

The success from her kickstarter campaign made it possible for Chantal to introduce M.O.T.D Cosmetics in February 2015.  M.O.T.D Cosmetics is the first makeup brush line to go against the industry standard on labeling makeup brushes. She applied her love for teaching others about makeup and correct application by providing a directional reminder on each makeup brush handle.

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